TOWIE’s Demi Sims reveals her bisexual dating history

Viewers found out when she realized her sexuality

Demi Sims talks to Shelby Tribble about Sam (Image: ITVBe)

One of the new girls in TOWIE has revealed the details of her love life.

Demi Sims is the first female on the show to be openly bisexual and she’s has spilled the beans on her past.

While she was out on a first “mates date” with Sam  Mucklow, she talked for the first time on TOWIE about her feelings.

Sam asked her when she knew she was bisexual and she replied that she first really knew she had feelings for women because of the actress Megan Fox.

“It was when I was 16,” she replied. “You know Megan Fox? I used to really fancy her.

“She was in  Transformers and in another film she kissed a girl and I was like ‘Ooooh,’ she laughed.

“Then I just started talking to girls but no one knew, I didn’t tell anyone, my friends or family until I was 18 when I got a girlfriend.

“Then when I was about 19-20, we broke up and  I’ve been single ever since.”

Demi, who is Chloe Sims’ younger sister, then told Sam that their picnic was a “mate’s date” but that if it went well, their next meeting would be a real date.

Later in the show, Demi had a chat with Shelby Tribble over the awkward situation with Sam.

Sam had got with Shelby in Thailand and then announced his intention to pursue Demi the next day.

The girls cleared the air at Tommy Mallet’s charity football match where some of the other girls teased Shelby about becoming bisexual because of her bad luck with men.

Demi then asked if she was coming over to her side.

Shelby then replied: “’Listen, imagine me nicking you off Sam. As if he didn’t hate me anymore and then I’m nicking his bird.”

Both girls giggled and Shelby went a bit red.

But it seems as if they’ve cleared the air.

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