Few moments and tips by LGBT people

Gender Equality:

In regards to Gender, this past year has been a nearly-unprecedented catalyst for conversation, especially when it comes to the roles that gender plays in personal and romantic relationships. For every positive, empowering moment of progress, it also feels as though there’s another tragic moment of loss or discrimination.

A survey by LGBT activists:

According to the recent research be LGBT activists, nearly four-in-ten adults say that that the growing number of LGBT relationships is actually good for society. This figure is a significant growth from those of previous years. People even said LGBT people have equal rights in the society like everyone else.


Few moments and tips by LGBT people

“You need to be understanding and care about how the other person feels towards different subjects” ~ Lara (Lesbian)

“He asked me if I had ever dated anyone of the same gender before, which I hadn’t,” ~ Robert (Gay)

“Bisexuals are real, if you can’t love them please don’t hate them” ~ John (Bi man)

“Why would anyone hate others just because they are gay or lesbian or other, loving someone isn’t crime” ~ Christine (Bi women)

“I will never forget the moment how my parents reacted when I told them that I am in a relationship with Richard. They had a smile in there face and accept my love” ~ William (Gay)

” We tried to hide our sexuality in fear of society and finally opened because we have done no mistake.” ~ Steven and Debra (Bi Couple)

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